Epic Pet Health Products

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Best Selling Products

Epic Pet Health - Calm supplementCalm

The Calm supplement calms a stressed dog or cat and treats puppy separation anxiety. It also relaxes hyper animals and encourages sleep.


Epic Pet Health - Clear supplementClear

The Clear supplement reduces allergy symptoms in dogs and cats. It also treats and relieves scratching, sneezing and coughing as well.


Epic Pet Health - Digest supplementDigest

The Digest supplement is a natural treatment for dogs and cats with gas pain. It reduces bad breath and promotes normal, healthy digestion. Help your pets gain better digestive health!


Epic Pet Health - Eye supplementEye

The Eye supplement is an all natural eye drop for dogs and cats with sensitive eyes. This supplement improves itchy eyes, runny eyes, and brown discharge. This supplement, however, does not prevent or remove eye staining.


Epic Pet Health - Happy supplementHappy

The Happy supplement reduces stress from grief, separation anxiety, and environmental changes. It helps your pet feel better and get back to normal.


Epic Pet Health - Legs supplementLegs

The Legs supplement is for joint and leg support.It helps your pet get up, turn around and have increased stability and strength in the hips and legs.


Epic Pet Health - Relief supplementRelief

The Relief supplement offers muscle and joint pain relief for dogs and cats. It also reduces back pain due to arthritis and injuries. This supplement can be used in conjunction of other supplements to help you pet feel better faster.


Epic Pet Health - Repair supplementRepair

The Repair supplement helps boost the body’s immune response and relieves aches, pains and inflammation. It is good for injury recovery and supports the body during illness. This is a good supplement to have on hand to help your pet get back on their feet faster.


Epic Pet Health - Revive supplementRevive

The Revive supplement increases pet energy and helps them recover from injury or illness. It is an energy boosting multivitamin for dogs and cats.


Epic Pet Health - Skin supplementSkin

The Skin supplement promotes healthy skin and coats for dogs and cats and also relieves scratchy, dry skin. Besides reducing itching and flaking, Skin helps ease discomfort from flea bites and other skin irritants.


Epic Pet Health - Vitality supplementVitality

The Vitality supplement provides energy and promotes mobility in senior dogs and cats. It comforts sore joints from aging, arthritis and injury. Use this supplement to keep your pet healthy into their old age and improve their quality of life.



Epic Pet Health - Align supplementAlign

The Align supplement relaxes your pet’s spinal nerves and muscles. It reduces pain and simulates a chiropractic adjustment.


Epic Pet Health - Balance supplementBalance

The Balance supplement improves balance and stability in older or sick pets. It can be used in conjunction with a variety of other supplements.


Epic Pet Health - Bones supplementBones

The Bones supplement supports healthy bones. Use to improve or maintain healthy bone density in elderly pets.


Epic Pet Health - Clarity supplementClarity

The Clarity supplement improves your pet’s cognition and mental processes. It is great for elderly pets.


Epic Pet Health - Clean Teeth supplementClean Teeth

The Clean Teeth supplement reduces your pet’s dental tartar and bad breath. It also promotes healthy teeth and gums.


Epic Pet Health - Fur supplementFur

The Fur supplement encourages fur regrowth and healthy skin for your cats and dogs.


Epic Pet Health - Gain supplementGain

The Gain supplement supports a healthy appetite and weight gain.


Epic Pet Health - Heat supplementHeat

The Heat supplement encourages good circulation and body warmth. Use to improve or maintain healthy circulation in elderly pets.


Epic Pet Health - Immune supplementImmune

The Immune supplement supports a healthy immune system. It can be used with other supplements such as Clear or Calm to help a sick pet regain health.


Epic Pet Health - Kidneys supplementKidneys

The Kidneys supplement supports healthy kidney function and the urinary tract in your pets.


Epic Pet Health - Massage supplementMassage

The Massage supplement relaxes cramped or fatigued muscles. Spray directly on your pet’s body and food for best results.


Epic Pet Health - Power supplementPower

The Power supplement promotes strong, mobile joints. This works great with elderly pets or pets with arthritis.


Epic Pet Health - Sleep supplementSleep

The Sleep supplement encourages restful, continuous sleep. This is especially helpful for pets with anxiety or stress.


Epic Pet Health - Tummy supplementTummy

The Tummy supplement relieves your pet’s stomach pain and nausea.